Energy blog: Nexus-e and modeling for policymakers

Computational models can provide technical analysis to objectively evaluate the impact of energy policies. But why are they rarely used in public policymaking? Unclear quality of the input, non-transparent methodology, lack of validation, neglecting behavioural irrationality, and oversimplification are some of the barriers. Nexus-e makes a first step to tackle these challenges.

Nexus-e annual strategy meeting: fruitful achievements in the past and clear roadmap for the future

The Nexus-​e team successfully held its annual strategy meeting to conclude the past fruitful year and to draw a roadmap for the future. In a hybrid format with members joining online and in-​person, the team aligned on the vision and identified tasks for the coming months and years.

Successful participation in Energy Data Hackdays 2020

Last weekend, the Energy Science Center participated in the Energy Data Hackdays 2020 in Brugg. The Hackdays provided an excellent opportunity to challenge an interdisciplinary team into rethinking ways of visualising existing energy data. In a rapid and creative process and under the guidance of ESC team members, a team of four successfully tackled the posed challenge and presented a well-​functioning prototype after only 30 hours.