The latest update of Nexus-e

New Nexus-e management! Jonas joins Nexus-e as the new project manager

Jonas Savelsberg joined the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich as a senior project manager for Nexus-e in August 2023.

Jonas completed his doctoral studies in the economics of power markets with Prof. Hannes Weigt at the University of Basel and still works as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Energy Policy and Economics at ETH.

His research focuses on designing electricity markets for a renewable future and on the potential impacts of climate change on the electricity system. In more recent work, he has looked at the integration of electric vehicles (EV) into the power system and into behavioral interventions to speed-up EV adoption and incentivize more efficient EV charging.

Jonas has studied at Universities in Bonn, Auckland, Basel, and Berkeley. Before completing his PhD in Basel, Jonas was a Project Manager at the environmental policy consultancy adelphi in Berlin.