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Are you a researcher?

The Nexus-e platform is highly modularized. Therefore, it is by design ready to be connected with new modules. By doing so, we could strengthen each other and jointly untangle the complexity of energy systems.

Currently, we particularly focus on integrating modules that tackle with sector coupling with transportation, heat and gas sectors.

Our past experiences include

  • connecting energy system and economic models (publication),
  • connecting centralized and distributed investment optimization modules.

Not ready to connect your model with the Nexus-e platform yet? We could start from exchanging knowledge or data.  For example, we could learn from each other’s methodology, exchange data to validate each other’s model, or use the output of one model as the input of the other.

Our past experiences include

  • using the modelling result from the City Energy Analyst as building-level energy consumption input for Nexus-e,
  • sharing the modelling results from Nexus-e with the Open Energy Data Hackdays to supports projects on data visualization and data mining.

The modularity of the Nexus-e platform allows it to be cutomized to analyze specific questions. For example, for grid operators we could focus on the grid expansion and security analysis; for energy system planners we could take a closer look at the cost-benefit analysis of capacity investments.

Our past experiences include

  • studying the need and supply of flexibility for the future Swiss electricity system.

Nexus-e always welcomes and values inputs from the industry. If you would like to get involved in the strategic development of the platform and join the regular meetings and discussions, you could join our user group. You will also get access to the source code and data to conduct simulations by yourself.

Are you from the industry?

Are you a student?

Nexus-e is a highly interdisciplinary platform. We are in collaboration with multiple research groups, covering various domains such as electrical engineering, power markets, and economics. Therefore, we possess abundant resources to suggest interesting as well as suitable topics for a thesis or a research project.

Our past experiences include

  • supervising a semester project on maximizing revenues of hydro cascades,
  • supervising a master thesis on studying the diffusion of solar photovoltaics and battery storage with an agent-based model.

To further strengthen Nexus-e as a powerful tool for energy system modelling, we welcome your expertise to add new capabilities to the platform!

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