Assessing the Feasibility of Scenarios for the Swiss Electricity System

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Scenario setup

In this report we assess four scenarios:

  • The reference scenario represents the status quo of Swiss nuclear power plant (NPP) lifetime, meaning 60 years for Beznau I and II, and 50 years for Goesgen and Leibstadt.
  • In the NPP60 scenario, we assume that the NPPs Goesgen and Leibstadt get the approval to operate also for 60 years.
  • In the NPP6580 scenario, Beznau I and II operate for 65 and Leibstadt and Goesgen for 80 years.
  • In the NPP60+ scenario, we assume that on top of 60 years operating time for all existing NPPs also a new NPP is being constructed in 2040 

We test each of these four scenarios in three sensitivities. We evaluate the impact of different developments in neighboring countries (DE), of electricity trade restrictions (NTC30), and of higher electricity demand due to domestic hydrogen production (H2).

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Please note the following:

– In the Interactive Results Viewer the results are available only for the Energy Topic “Future electricity system”

– The investment cost for nuclear power is not included in the results for the webviewer (but in the report)

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