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Scenario setup

Three scenarios (Baseline, Nuclear 60, and High Flexibility) of the future Swiss power system are analyzed in the project “The role of flexibility providers in shaping the future energy system“.

  • The Baseline scenario represents the status quo of the Swiss legislative and regulatory framework (e.g., financial subsidies for PV systems) and assumes the lifetime of 50 years for nuclear power plants.
  • The Nuclear 60 scenario reflects the uncertainty about the nuclear power phase-out. It builds upon the Baseline scenario but assumes that nuclear power plants are phased-out after a lifetime of 60 years.
  • The High Flexibility scenario reflects the discussion on the impact and value of distributed flexibility in the power system. The scenario builds upon the Baseline scenario and assumes lower battery costs and higher demand-side management potential.

Detailed descriptions of the scenarios can be found in the scenario Results report.

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