Vehicle to Grid in Switzerland: A first estimate of the value of vehicle-to-grid

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Scenario setup

In this study, we make a first estimate of the potential impact of V2G on the Swiss electricity system. We hereby assume that V2G is used for balancing supply and demand on a system level. Other use cases such as minimizing the distribution grid extensions or providing ancillary services are neglected. We investigate two reference scenarios, one with and one without V2G, and four sensitivity analyses on restricted electricity trading (NTC30), developments in neighboring countries (TDE), higher gas prices (Gas), and higher levels of V2G available (XL).

Reference scenarios

  • No V2G: eg_nov2g
  • V2G: eg_v2g

Sensitivity on restricting electricity trading:

  • No V2G with reduced NTC: eg_nov2g_30ntc
  • V2G with reduced NTC: eg_v2g_30ntc

Sensitivity on developments in the neighboring countries:

  • No V2G with Distribute Energy: eg_nov2g_de
  • V2G with the Distribute Energy: eg_v2g_de

Sensitivity on high gas prices:

  • No V2G with high gas prices: eg_nov2g_gas
  • V2G with high gas prices: eg_v2g_gas

Sensitivity on V2G penetration:

  • V2G with higher penetration: eg_v2g_xl

Further information on CH2040 Project: 

  • Final Project Report (PDF, 1,654 KB)

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– In the Interactive Results Viewer the results are available only for the Energy Topic “Future electricity system”

– The technology “Geothermal” is in the webviewer listed as “Wind Offshore” due to current limitations of the webviewer

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