The latest update of Nexus-e

Nexus-e annual strategy meeting 2021: Clear roadmap for the future

With the second annual strategy meeting, the Nexus-e team concluded the past fruitful year and discussed questions that are key for the future direction of Nexus-e. In a hybrid format with members joining online and in-person, the team decided that Nexus-e is more than “just” 5 interlinked models but should also act as a modeling infrastructure to new partners. 

Yesterday, the Nexus-e annual strategy meeting took place at the Kommandoraum of the Impact Hub in Zurich. The meeting brought together researchers, professors, and the Nexus-e management to align their perspectives on the future directions for Nexus-e.

At the beginning of the meeting, Marius Schwarz, Nexus-e project manager, summarized the progress and achievements of the last year: personnel changes, the start of several new projects including the two landmark research projects on the future Swiss energy system, namely SWEET PATHFNDR and SWEET EDGE, and improvements of the Nexus-e modeling infrastructure such as the results webviewer

Following this kick-off speech, the team discussed four questions that are central to the Nexus-e strategy: 

  • How do we ensure steady financing of capacities required to continuously develop Nexus-e but also maintain its infrastructure?
  • Is Nexus-e the existing 5 core modules or a modeling platform and infrastructure?
  • How to navigate the trade-off between contributions to the academic community and to the Swiss-specific audience?
  • How to involve key stakeholders in the scenario development?

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