Applications of the Nexus-e platform

Coupling with the City Energy Analyst: modeling high-resolution demand profiles for Switzerland

Addressing climate change and achieving the 1.5°C target requires a transition from a centralized, fossil-fuel-based towards a decentralized, renewable-based energy system. Long-term, large-scale energy systems models, such as Nexus-e, are useful in improving our understanding of such transitions and are seeing increased relevance in the face of stringent climate policy, energy security, and economic development concerns. However, they often lack appropriate spatiotemporal resolutions to capture the broad scope of economic and technical challenges. In this project, we collaborate with Prof. Arno Schlüter and the Singapore-ETH Center to tackle current energy system modeling limitations by coupling the City Energy Analyst tool with Nexus-e.

In this project, Nexus-e is coupled with the City Energy Analyst (CEA) which is used to model high-resolution electricity demand profiles of Switzerland using district archetypes. CEA is an open-source tool for the analysis and optimisation of urban energy systems developed by the Chair of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S group) at ETH Zurich. The A/S group was founded and is led by Prof. Dr. Arno Schlueter.

This is an ongoing project. Contact us to get the most recent update.